• 8:1:1 ratio of BCAAs (No added Sugar).
  • 7g BCAAs per serving providing 5.6g Leucine.
  • 1238mg electrolyte blend per serving.
  • 2.5g Glutamine and 1g Citrulline Malate per serving.
  • Muscle recovery, Muscle Growth.

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GEN-X BCAA IMPACT 8:1:1 (Orange) provides all three branched-chain amino acids crucial for building and maintaining muscle mass. The three branched-chain amino acids, BCAAs cannot be naturally created through food products or dietary supplements. BCAAs act building blocks and are extremely important nutrients in the muscle-building process. Other Ingredients: Preservatives (281), Fructose. Maltodextrin, Sucralose (955), Citric Acid(330). Directions of Use: Mix 1 serving in 500 ml of water and shake vigorously. Take 20 rains before the workout and can be consumed during the workout.

Preservatives (281), Fructose, Maltodextrin, Sucralose (955), Citric Acid(330).

Direction of Use:
One Scoop 12 gms per serving.

CAUTION: Keep the container closed M a cool & dry place. Consult a doctor/physician if you are suffering from suspected medical conditions like diabetes, hypoglycemia or any medical conditions. Not recommended for children. Dietary food supplement, not for medical use. BCAAs Branch chain amino acids telecine. Isoleucine d Valinel play a vital role In stimulating mock growth and repair. Ord, you know that almost one Odd of skeletal muscle in the human body is composed of these three amino acids. During the latter sta. ges of exercise, the body uses BCAAs to convert them to glucose by bum as energy. Se It's important that people who wort, out regularly get enough BCAAs.
Nutritional Information Serving size-1 scoop : 12gms
 Approx. Composition Per 12g Per 100g
Energy 30 Kcal 250 Kcal
Energy from Fat 0 g 0 g
Total Carbohydrate 7.5 g 62.5 g
Trans Fat 0 g 0 g
Cholestrol 0 g 0 g
Saturated Fat 0 g 0 g
Trans Fatty Acids 0 g 0 g
L-Leucine 2400 mg 20000 mg
L-Isoleucine 300 mg 2500 mg
L-Valine 300 mg 2500 mg
Sodium Chloride 120 mg 1000 mg
Potassium Chloride 100 mg 833.3 mg
Sodium Citrate 100 mg 833.3 mg


100 mg 833.3 mg


100 mg 833.3 mg


100 mg 833.3 mg

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